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Roadbond is a chemical soil stabiliser and a compaction aid. When mixed with soils, it has the effect of reducing shrink/swell activity of expansive clays and enhances compaction of all types of construction materials.


The Roadbond molecule contains a hydrophyllic head and a hydrophobic tail. When mixed with soils, the hydrophyllic head attaches to the soil particles and coats them. The hydrophobic tail repels moisture away from the soil particle surface. This two-fold process is efficiently responsible for reducing shrink/swell activity in expansive clays. Construction materials treated with Roadbond can be re-worked without the need to add more Roadbond.


Engineers engaged in road construction and other major earth moving and construction projects such as airstrips, dams and industrial hardstandings, easily understand the cost and other advantages of using Roadbond.


Roadbond is only used on site after correct and comprehensive laboratory procedures have been carried out to determine dosage for optimum results in treating the soil being used for the road. Roadbond is environmentally friendly and is not detrimental to ground or sub-surface water. Roadbond has been shown to encourage the growth of grass on cut and fill banks.


Roadbond has been tested on a variety of construction materials and test results have shown that it works effectively on materials ranging from non-plastic to highly plastic soils.


Research and development continues with the object of providing users of Roadbond with a product and technical proficiency which is superior in all respects, as we continue building roads to build nations.



Material  Road No.
and Layer
Optimum Moisture Content(OMC) Maximum Dry Density (MDD) kg/M3 Soaked CBR @ 100%Mod AASHTO
Natural Treated Natural Treated Natural Treated
Deeply Weathered Dolerite Selected 15.9 15.2 1756 1823 18 74
-4.40% 3.80% 311%
Weathered Dolerite Base 9.3 8.7 2193 2217 37 64
-6.45% 1.10% 73%
Sandstone Base 11.8 9.1 1946 1987 15 51
-22.90% 2.10% 240%
Khaki/Brown Shale Base 8.7 8.1 2067 2113 43 59
-6.89% 2.20% 37%
Weathered Dolerite Base 10.8 10.3 2093 2119 49 69
-4.63% 1.30% 41%
Decomposed Dolerite Base 11.4 10.4 1959 2103 30 66
-8.77% 7.40% 120%
Yellow/Brown Mudstone Selected 11 10.2 1919 1969 17 36
-7.27% 2.60% 112%
Red Silty Clay Earthworks 16.2 15.9 1743 1829 10 26
-1.85% 4.90% 160%
Yellow/Brown Mudstone Base 14.4 12.9 1851 1934 9 37
-10.42% 4.50% 311%

In every case, treatment with Roadbond increased the CBR and the Maximum Dry Density (MDD) and decreased the Optimum Moisture Content (OMC) of the materials tested.


  • Reduced material borrow and hauling costs
  • Reduced deterioration rate of unpaved roads
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Any surface layer can be applied on top of the Roadbond sub layer


    Roadbond is effective in full scale roadworks as a compaction aid and stabiliser due to its particular ability to densify the soil forming a ‘stiffer’ and more impermeable layer.

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