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J. W. MacBain, of Scottish origin by profession an architect, became involved in innovative technology when he participated in the design of a new mine prop for deep level gold mining. In conjunction with an Anglo American subsidiary, the product was developed, extensively tested and became standard equipment in South African gold mines.

After selling the company and retiring, a challenging road construction problem came to his attention; the stabilisation of the underlying soil upon which roads were built.

J. W. MacBain, with his extensive knowledge of structures, started an extensive research programme, carried out at a UK university and two leading South African universities in cooperation with the Department of Transport in KwaZulu, South Africa.

The product Roadbond was born. Further research led to the super-concentration of the product into RBX25, which had not been achieved by any other manufacturer of a road stabilisation product.

The first successful laboratory and field trials were carried out in 1994 and Roadbond stabilised roads have been in existence since then.

Research and development continues with the object of providing users of Roadbond with a product and technical service which is superior in all respects.



  • Reduced material borrow and hauling costs
  • Reduced deterioration rate of unpaved roads
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Any surface layer can be applied on top of the Roadbond sub layer


    Roadbond is effective in full scale roadworks as a compaction aid and stabiliser due to its particular ability to densify the soil forming a ‘stiffer’ and more impermeable layer.

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